The Millionaire Investing Advice For Teenagers

さて、あなたが若いうちにリスクを負おうとしているのなら、それをする時です。あなたがそのビジネスを始めたいなら、それをしてください。あなたがそれで成功しているなら、あなたは財政的にさらに進んでいます。どちらにしても、あなたが勝ちます…たとえ負けても、18歳のときは少額を失い、35歳のときは大額を失います。 だから、それらの間違いを無駄にしないでください…誰もが私が間違ったことから学ぶことができれば、少なくとも私の間違いは良い目的に行きました。 Now, if you are going to risk while you are young, it’s time to do it. If you want to start that business, do it. If you are successful with it, you are going further financially. Either way, you win … even if you lose, you lose a small amount when you are […]


A millionaire is a person whose net worth or wealth equals or exceeds one million units of currency. It can also be a person who has one million units of currency in a bank account or savings account. Depending on the currency, a certain degree of prestige is related to the millionaire, which makes these […]

The Top 20 Billionaires in The World 2018

1: Jeff Bezos Net Worth :$112 B Age :54 Source:Amazon Country of Citizenship :United States 2: Bill Gates Net Worth :$90 B Age :62 Source:Microsoft Country of Citizenship :United States 3; Warren Buffett Net Worth :$84 B Age :88 Source:Berkshire Hathaway Country of Citizenship :United States 4 Bernard Arnault Net Worth :$72 B Age :69 […]

Motivational Money Making Quotes-Warren Buffett

Motivational Money Making Quotes “Do what you love and the money will follow.” — Marsha Sinetar. “Before you speak, listen. Before you write, think. Before you spend, earn. Before you invest, investigate. Before you criticize, wait. Before you pray, forgive. … “Fortune sides with him who dares.”  Virgil. ”Never depend on single income.Make investments to […]

Age of Reason by Thomas Paine,Millionaire Quotes

The Age of Reason by Thomas Paine. “It is from the Bible that man has learned cruelty, rapine, and murder; for the belief of a cruel God makes a cruel man.” “The character of Moses, as stated in the Bible, is the most horrid that can be imagined. If those accounts be true, he was […]

what makes you think you deserve that?

“Who are the people that when we’re around them we feel more alive? Who are the people that make us feel more energized, more fulfilled, and more confident? These are the people we must gravitate towards for progression. But you see, the truth is that there are also toxic people in our lives working against […]

Money Is Not Evil

Getting wealthy may not cure every problem, but it sure can cure a lot of them. When you secure the economy in your house, then you can go out to dinner more, you can get someone to pick up your dry cleaning, you can hire someone to clean your house, you can pay off debt, […]


“One of the challenges we have in modern life is that there are so many options to do so many great things. There are so many things throughout our lives vying for our attention, that if we don’t manage modern life, it will manage us. Part of managing it is just making the choice that […]