$0.50 Dumpling Vs. $29 Dumplings

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Brad and Andy Try to Make the Perfect Turkey & Cranberry Sauce

How many times have you made turkey over Thanksgiving and served your guests with baked goods? Or have you ever used ice cream cranberry sauce and regret it immediately? Brad and Andy want to help you get through the uncertainty and embarrassment and teach you how to make perfect Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving and turkey.


God! Watching the most amazing and exciting audition on Got Talent 2019 shocked the judges. See the best golden buzzer moments that change the life of the singer. Angelica Hale, Cody Lee, etc. How do you see the show? Let us know in the comments below… credit: Top Talent

Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions 2019

The best of the best in the UK’s Talent Selection: 2019 Champion (BGT). The checkout got a golden buzzer from Alesha Dixon and watched Simon Cowell and the judge react. How do you see the audition? Let us know in the comments below… credit: Top Talent

Emotional Performances! Greatest Love Songs

Watch the world’s most amazing love song audition on the idol. See how Katy Perry and other judges reacted to American Idol in 2019 and other shows around the world. 在偶像上观看世界上最神奇的情歌试音。查看Katy Perry和其他法官对《 2019年美国偶像》以及全球其他演出的反应。