remember that portion control is rly important when you're eating a snack!!! you're not eating an entire meal, you're just having a snack to tide you over and give you some energy! some other study snack ideas: ♡ apples - convenient to carry around (i personally like to slice them up though) ♡ bananas - i hate bananas but they are convenient to carry around ♡ peanut butter + apples or bananas ♡ grapes - same thing, easy to transport and eat ♡ berries - same,,,,, ♡ bell peppers - super good with hummus!! ♡ don't @ me but i genuinely enjoy eating romaine lettuce by itself sdjkdskjsdkjsdkjsd ♡ celery - i can't stand the taste of celery but it's good for u and ur health!! ♡ chocolate covered acai berry things - u know what i'm talking abt?? those dark chocolate covered things? ♡ greek yogurt ♡ string cheese ♡ edamame ♡ roasted chickpeas ♡ granola ♡ icons by flaticon

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