Celestia Brings AGT Alumni Deadly Games To The Live Shows

The production features several America’s Got Talent alumni, including the thrilling danger act and AGT: The Champions finalist Deadly Games, father-daughter acrobatic duo Sergey and Sasha and Sandou Trio Russian Bar. For more information on Celestia at the Strat Hotel, Casino and SkyPod.

We are going to the Moon to stay.

Our #Artemis program will lay the groundwork for a sustainable infrastructure to support missions to Mars and beyond. This is what we’re building. This is what we’re training for. We are going.

Spinning a basketball on a toothbrush

Spinning a basketball on a toothbrush for an impressive 1 minute 8.15 seconds, Sandeep Singh Kaila has reclaimed his record. Dedication’s what you need, as Sandeep discovered 🏀 ⁣”I really started practicing just spinning balls in 2004 but it took two years of very intense practice to get it. I know records are made to […]