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Worldwide Day 23 January 2019! (Photo Inside)

So, if you want to know what the day’s event is all about, please visit the following:

1: At the end of the day, the exact date of the national election preparations in Thailand was officially announced by the Thai Election Commission by March 24th. This is a universal polling day.
2:The South Korean meteorological agency and the Ministry of Environment plan to conduct artificial rainwater testing at the western waters of the country this week to see the cut effect. Decrease the dust.
3: Former US Secretary of State John Kerry said he would tell Donald Tramp to step down if he could speak directly to US President Barack Obama. This picture.
4: Chinese forces are developing new series of bombing bombs to replace their old bombs left over from the Soviet era.
5: While the United States, Russia and China are both looking to create a base on the Moon, and recently the European Space Agency (ESA) has the same goal. .
6: The US Senate will vote on two draft budgets aimed at ending government shutdowns that have lasted more than a month.

credit: freshnewsasia

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