Chinese snacks, chicken feet

– 30-40 dried chili
– red onion 5-6 head
– 10 trees
– 2 trees.
– Khan 1 terms
– 10-15? Leaves
– chicken feet 1/2 kg
– 4 mackerel
– Fish Sauce 2 Army p
– Salt 1 teaspoon
– Shu Flavored with fish sauce ** but not wearing
– Fragrant Tree (Sprinkles)
– Fresh Chili (as a jump ball)


1. Set the water to boil while waiting to wash the dry chili. It’s delicious. Fresh chili leaves, red onion, Peel the shell, and the tree is fragrant.

2.Sliced the red onion, the freckle is small. (it will be easy when the salad) is enough. Boiling water, dry chili, red onion, freckles, khan, fish. Let’s go to boil for 15 minutes and then spoon. Get in the water and put the chicken foot in the water.

3. While waiting for the foot of the chicken, the dried chili salad, the khan, the red onion, the fish, the salt, the salt, the salt. Let’s get it together. It’s going to be all right. It’s a little bit. It’s up to Keep your lap down, wash the water again.

4. Set the water for 1.5-2 liters or shift. (don’t just wear a lot) enough to boil. Put on a chicken curry machine. Boil it for another 10 minutes. In the meantime, slice the onion tree, tear the leaves, wait for the boiling water Seasoned with fish sauce (or fish sauce). If you eat shu flavor, you can wear it too. You won’t taste it, taste it, put it on chili peppers and turn off the light.

5. Fresh vegetables and poached vegetables. 1. Bean Sprouts. Great root. 2. Vegetables. Sliced. 3. Pieces of poached. Great Pimp. Keep on 4. Coriander. Cool. Keep 5. Beans. Long Sheath. Half Sen, 6. Cabbage, sliced 7. Pickles, sliced

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