17 interesting tips with PASTELS

Take a look at these ideas with crayons to improve your creativity and imagination! This time I show you crazy ways to recycle old and broken colored pencils to turn them into something really beautiful. You can make pretty colored candles, make paintings, or animal-like chalk or Lego, some wonderful pendants and prints for your t-shirts using parchment paper!

Let’s start with some unexpected and clever uses with toilet paper rolls. You can use it as a kitchen knife case to protect your hands. Or you can make woolen toys and pompons. You can even organize eggplant sprouts in your garden.

If you need to get rid of the crutch marks on your pants, guess what will come in handy? ; )

If you fold a roll of toilet paper in the shape of a heart, you can make prints using acrylic paint. Or make colorful flowers or cute owls. Another idea – a super practical makeup organizer where you can keep brushes, mascara and other things.

Old broken things deserve a second life! So I strongly advise you to see these brilliant and brilliant ways to restore damaged things!

If your beautiful silver ring starts to rust, pour a little Coca Cola in a pan. Boil it. So put your ring in the boiling water and leave it there for a couple of minutes.

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