How to make a Pandan Custard Bread


150 ml of water, 30 g of leaves, 5 eggs, 750 g of butter, 430 g of sugar, 1 teaspoon of salt, 45 g of corn flour, and half a teaspoon of milk.

How to do:

  1. Make leafy leaves, remove the leaves, grind with clean water and sterilize them with 125 ml of broken leaves.
  2. Stir in egg yolk, coconut milk, sugar, sugar and salts, mix well with corn flour, mix well and mix well
  3. Then put a small gas stove and stir gently until about 30 minutes. Pull out from the stove and put the defendant’s milk.
Click to see the video how to do the following:

Credit: iCON HDTV

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