You Don’t Need to Eat for Food and Fitness just pregnant ?

You are just pregnant, you may have a lot of questions about what you should eat, how much weight you should be, and how and how you should exercise. This 6-minute video will help answer many of these questions, and if you have more questions, please contact your provider.

Great video! I learned a lot from this video, not my monthly visits combined with my KP provider. I hope my provider is not lazy or trying to get us out every time I visit. By the way, we never knew the weight gain chart mentioned in the video.A well done suggestion article! I didn’t get such a good advice when I was pregnant, but I know it’s so important now because many Americans are getting overweight. Especially for women, pregnancy can lead to excessive health problems. “Eat two” as an excuse to eat a small amount of healthy food. . . Being healthier is more important than ever!

                     Credit: Kaiser Permanente Thrive

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