what makes you think you deserve that?

“Who are the people that when we’re around them we feel more alive? Who are the people that make us feel more energized, more fulfilled, and more confident? These are the people we must gravitate towards for progression. But you see, the truth is that there are also toxic people in our lives working against our progression. Imagine you’re on a train, and in your compartment is your family and your close friends. Suddenly you look to your right and you find that a handful of toxic people, people who are draining your motivation and your drive have somehow found themselves in your compartment. What can you do now? There is only one thing you can do, and that is to politely let them off at the next station. I believe the people in our lives who are negative, competitive, jealous, etc. can really drain our energy and our confidence.”

~Arianna Huffington, interview with Dean Graziosi

So who exactly is the villain within? Well, the villain within can
disguise itself as many different things, in many people’s lives. But
no matter what form it takes, we all have it somewhere inside. most of us, it’s that self-doubt, that inner voice saying “you can’t do
this” or “what makes you think you deserve that?” And in so many
cases it holds you back from taking the proper actions to move your
life in a better direction. It’s that inner resistance that in the past
talked you out of pursuing the things that made your heart smile and
helped you reach that next level of life.
villain within
Credit: Millionaire Success Habits

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